Monday, June 25, 2012


As I sit here with you on my lap, 
You wiggle and eat and clap.

Pudgy little face,
Chunky little thighs.

Gurgles and squeals,
And laughter I can feel.

Oh little Jude,
Slow down for awhile.

Let us stay in this place,
Where we gaze face to face.

Time is passing much to quick these days...with my little troop of six. There are so many things to attend to and activities to whiz too. I do my best to sit now and then. I savor these moments...nursing and cuddling, laughing and chasing, talking and loving. There are so many gifts these precious little people give me each day. If only I could hold onto the sounds and smells. 

Jude...Jonathan...Bethany...Joshua...Jeremiah...and Emily...babyhood to a young women. 
I love you all.

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