Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rain is falling in a constant drizzle today, sparkling off of the fresh, greenery in my yard. And while the sky is somewhat gray and heavy, my spirit fells light today. Perhaps it is the enjoyable morning with just my older two and the baby. We finished school quickly and watched a very interesting video expose on the early church  in Rome. The children drank in the lessons on the faith of the early Christians and pondered what trust in God's plan it must have taken so many to walk strong despite the persecution they almost were promised to endure. And while this was heavy subject matter, the fact that my children 'got' it really blessed me! I felt that we might actually make it in our school endeavors this year. The hope and joy I feel is tangible!

I promised that my next post would be about change...the change our precious little babe has brought upon our home and family. Jude. Our chunky, little bundle of joy. How can one so little and sweet impose so much change? I often wonder that myself. 

To indulge you in our back story for a bit...When Jesse and I married, we talked family. Size, priorities, child rearing...etc. One of our hearts desires was to have at least 5 children. Possibly 6. Jesse would say, " If we have five I will fell content, with 6 full." God blessed us with our sixth last year in November. His birth was beautiful. But I was very sick afterwards when he was three and a half weeks old. I had developed a Pulmonary Embolism. A blood clot, in my left lung. Very often fatal. This was my second near death experience with childbearing. You see, with the birth of our first child I developed a very extreme case of Toxemia. It left me on life support in ICU for several days. God healed me and it ended with me stronger than before.  So here I am...healthy once again. I have 6 wonderful children. Praise be to God! Our quiver is full now. We will be moving on into the next chapter of our family's story. I know that I will miss pregnancy and babies. Nursing and rocking. But I am also looking forward to big kids and new adventures. Thinking about this made me think about how long we have been in this stage...I conceived Emily right around our two month anniversary. So for the last 12years, 9 months I have been either pregnant, nursing, or both! Wow! What a change it will be to not be growing a little one in my womb or at my breast once Jude has weaned. What a wonderful new adventure we will be embarking on.  I am so grateful for the time I have had with my little ones and for the work it has done in my life and character. 

Here is to the future and the plans God has for us!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am in that zone right now- my youngest is older than any child I've had without having baby around. Usually I'd be pregnant or nursing a newborn by now. Could this really be it? It's strangely exciting!


Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

I'm coming up on that point, as well. We have three kids, but since I was in cardiac ICU during the past two pregnancies...well, it's time to be done.

It's so strange to think that after 5.5 years of pregnancy and nursing, I'm coming up on the end of this part of my mothering journey.

God has great things in store each step of the way, and while I'm very saddened at the thought of no more babies, I'm excited to see what this next stage of life will hold. (Perhaps a full night's sleep would be a good little "perk"!)

Found your blog through the MFW Facebook page - I look forward to doing a little reading about your MFW journey. We'll be starting with MFW in the fall.