Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wow! I am not sure where time has gone...

Okay...perhaps I do. 

What I mean to say is this...I am so busy that my time is just slipping through my fingers like sand at the beach...mmm...sand at the beach...I could really go for that right now...

Sorry for the rambling. 

Seriously, life is running full speed on me right now. It is baseball season. Enough said, but for you non-baseball families I will indulge... 

We have three ball players this year. Jeremiah is playing travel ball again. Joshua is in his last year of coach-pitch. Miss Bethany is playing her first year of baseball in our leagues T-Ball bracket. This keeps our evenings and Saturdays filled. And adds to the laundry pile...and makes meals impossible or crazy, or both! 

Emily has been such a help...since Jude joined the family she has more than carried her weight. It is awesome! 

School has been tough lately...a huge help is my mother-in-law. She has blessed me greatly by taking Bethany and Jonathan for their school every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The older kiddos have been able get loads of school done during this time. The hard thing has been a lack of motivation and enjoyment this year. We all agree that we are doing exactly what we feel led to do AND want to do. Our prayers are that God will pour out His Grace on our family and bless our efforts.

On that note...Jesse, Emily, Jude, and I attended the Midwest Homeschool Convention last Friday...we had a list and hit all the great booths. We viewed materials for hours and made decisions for next year. Our vision has stayed the same, but the process to get there has changed somewhat. There are still some things to decide on, but I feel much more prepared and ready to take them on.

Also this spring I began selling Tupperware. You see, I held a party last fall and fell in love with the dry storage, Modular Mates. They transformed my kitchen storage in such an amazing way. I decided that I would love to help mamas streamline their pantries! I still feel sort of cheesy saying that I am a Tupperware lady, but goodness are my evenings fun when I am hanging  out with other moms! If you want information, please contact me or view my site

The birth of Jude has brought many changes for our family...I will share that and some new pictures in my next post...SOON!

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