Saturday, January 28, 2012

a new year

January is drawing to a close...
I have been enjoying the semi down time I have had to bask in the cuteness of my little man.
Jude is such a happy, sweet little boy.
He has captured every heart in our home.
I look forward to seeing his precious face, full of smiles and joy, each morning.

Jude's conception and birth has brought about so many changes.
The way our home runs.
The breaks Mama takes to nourish his little body.
The craziness that has multiplied with a distracted Mama!

This year is new...fresh...and full of promise.
We are learning to juggle another child added to our fold.
With that, each member of the household has new responsibilities to conquer.
Mom and Dad included!

Schedules are changing, chore reassigned, school work changed a bit.
Constant tweaking has ensued.
We are ironing out the wrinkles.
A wave of Peace rolls over our home more and more often.

Even with the changes and new responsibilities, giggles and laughter abound.
Daily I am encouraged to see just how wonderful adding
to our family again has been.
My children are so thankful for another baby to enjoy.

While this new year is in no way quieter or slower...
it is better.
We will be better because of it and what all the change has meant.
Thank you Jesus for knowing we needed Jude Aaron in our family!

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