Sunday, December 19, 2010

counting down

Eight days until I drive with my 5 children to Kentucky with the winter weather and Christmas travelers to share the roads with.

Seven of us to bake Christmas treats for.

Six amazing people to share a wonderful day with.

Five lovely children to brighten my day and take joy in being mama to.

Four days of school left for this year...2010!

Three hours tonight to finish painting and sewing special gifts I have made for the children.

Two minutes until I head out to Starbucks to take my hubby a latte at the Father-Son Hitting Tournament this afternoon.

One day until my baby turns two and we begin a fun filled week preparing for Christmas, a wedding, and a short trip to Kentucky to all the nanas, papas, aunts, and uncles...and tons of friends!

Zero regrets...only hundreds and thousands of blessings to be greatful for.

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