Monday, January 17, 2011

a new year...

2011...another new year. Another year to grow, learn, and love.

I am full of fresh perspective. In my mothering, my loving, my walk with the Lord, in my housework. I choose to forgo resolutions this year. Ya know, the list we make and don't adhere to starting sometime in February. Instead, I found things I liked about myself already, and I am just trying to keep up with those.

As a mother, I pour myself into my children. They are my life and my ministry.But,I find myself feeling a bit bewildered from time to time. My oldest is 11, and already becoming a women. This has been draining and excited. Both somehow. For us both. Watching Parenthood the other night, the show, Sarah had an epiphany...and in turn I did too. She said,"Your song is beautiful. It's haunting and moving and it's so you. ...I'm so proud and I'm so impressed and I am so in awe of you."-mom to daughter, Parenthood
I feel that way with my children so often. While shaping this group of individuals and molding them into the people God created them to be, I am in awe. I am awestruck by them. I am so blessed. My desire this year is to keep on loving and nurturing them. And enjoying who they are.

I am going to keep loving. My mother has always compared me Pollyanna...I love unconditionally. My entire life that has opened me up and left me incredibly vulnerable. But,I will continue to love so easily and simply.

I love to read God's Word and draw into Him. This year I will continue drawing into my Lord!Growing more aware of Him and His voice.

And last of all.

I have always cleaned and worked to make my home my little paradise for my family. A respite for my love and children to live in. But, I have struggled to get everything done with my growing family. The Lord lead me to purchase a book called Large Family has revolutionized my housekeeping! I will continue making our house a home. And with God's grace it will be a place my husband and children will love to be in.

Rather than try and change myself, I am embracing the person God made me to be.

It's a new year, a fresh start, or a time to embrace!

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