Friday, October 8, 2010

wearing, schooling, feeding. Family.

I am continuing to walk down a less traveled path...wearing my baby who is nearly two, still homeschooling my motley crew despite living in a single location finally, extended breastfeeding, and serving Jesus WITH said motley crew.

I began this journey 12 years ago with my prince charming...and so much of my ideas became reality with the birth of our charming Emily. While her birth didn't go as planned, and I wasn't able to breastfeed her due to those complications, I did 'wear' my daughter. We started our attachment with two carriers. Both of these were uncomfortable, but I loved having her near. We used the soup out of our Snuggli and abused our backpack. When I knew a new little one was coming, I picked up a used ring sling. Jeremiah never made a peep in that plaid carrier...until it was replaced when mice chewed on it in our closet. I missed my carrier and so did he. While pregnant for our next child, I was given a Baby Bjorn that my sister-in-law so awesomely found at a garage sale. And though my back ached for months, I carried Joshua too. It was with the birth of my little firecracker, Bethany, that the Ergo Baby Carrier and Peanut Shell Sling found homes in our family. Bethany was attached to me continuously. She learned in my arms and nursed nearly at will. Bliss and comfort for us both. These made their way down to Jonathan. He loves to be carried when he is sleepy. Sadly our favorite, the Ergo, was lost on our vacation a few weeks ago...and while he is getting to big to be carried, he and I both long for the Ergo and our cuddle time. Baby wearing has blessed my brood in ways plastic mothering never could. Despite the looks, I will continue to nurture my children in this age old method...even though it is a path less traveled.

We now live in one place. Waking each morning in the same bed. Eating at the same table. Growing and loving in the same home. And we continue to school at home, together. Our one room school house has its ups and downs, but always finds us returning, eager to learn more. I am asked daily why I still homeshool when I have a 'great' school at my disposal. Truth be told, it is tempting to send the older ones away all day, to have time with just my little ones. But, I know that my children ALL need me. I know that it is what is best, for us. My older children are learning to help me more to give me that time with my little ones. And on this path that is questioned and sometimes discouraged, I know that I am doing good. And I know that it is well with my soul.

Recently my little guy took his last cuddle at my breast. It always makes me cry and also joyful to see my babies grow up. Jonathan is 21 months and my youngest weaner. It was time. Funny though, what seems early to me, many are amazed at. They cannot believe that I would continue nursing a child so old...that I would continue to welcome them to receive comfort and nourishment passed their first year. I am so thankful that I took a stand against the norm and feed my children as long as was good for us both.

Each day, my children and I are together. We talk together and sup together. And each day, each moment I aim to teach, guide, nurture. My goal is that my children grow to serve, love, and share Jesus. I want my children to revolutionize the world for Him. It is on this path that I teach them. In my womb, at my breast, in my arms, next to me, and working with me.

Wearing my children, breastfeeding my children, and homeschooling my children are all natural extensions of my mothering. I have taken responsibility for who I am raising my children to be. This won't end with baby wearing. It won't stop at weaning. And homeschooling is just our chosen method of education. But all are the hands that are shaping my family. Shaping them into arrows to be used by the hand of the loving lord Jesus.

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petersonclan said...

I'm done with my Ergo if you want to make a deal... :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You've done beautifully. :)