Monday, October 4, 2010

Why winter is left wanting...

Or known as Why Fall is my Favorite!

Fall...the colors, the scents, the textures, and the sounds. The overall crispness of the air and plants...It is so romantic and a way that cold old winter wishes it could be!

I love the freshness and rebirth that spring holds. The fresh newness of it all.The smell of the overturned earth and spring flowers. The May showers...

In the summer I soak up the sun's warming rays and splash in the cool waters of lakes, streams, and seas.

But it is the bold array of colors, the crisp air that stirs, and the crunch of the leaves and fruit of the fall that beckons unto my soul.

Oranges, red, gold, rust, scarlet, and mustard.

Crackles, crunching, and whooshing.

Smoke, spice, and earthiness.

Thick stew, warm bread, and cinnamon confections.

The warm embrace of my favorite sweater, the lush fell of my white scarf, the snug pull of my knit socks on my toes.

In eagerness I pull on my layers. Ready am I to explore the fall world. To wander through leaves and pick apples.

And though the temperature drops, I can still be warmed by the sun's embrace. Two worlds collide...summer and chill my skin, but warm my face.

Fall gives me both bright, crisp, cold mornings and warm, sunshiny afternoons where the sun is like a medicine...My favorite liquid sunshine shots. These prepare me for the long winter ahead. A winter that leaves me craving a leisurely afternoon in the apple orchard or walking through the leaves. Giving me cold and a longing for spring.

But fall. Oh, fall. How I love thee...

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