Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Not Me Monday is back again!!!!

Have you ever had one of those moments that you really, Really, REALLY hoped that no one else knew about? also couldn't stand to NOT share? Moments when you couldn't help but laugh...even when you shouldn't? If so, that is what Not Me Monday is ALL about! Join in the fun!

I'll go first!

I always do my dishes quickly and you'll never find every single dish in my kitchen stacked up to the cupboards...even when there are 4 flu-stricken kiddos in my house. Nope, never-ever! I definitely changed as soon as the baby vomited on me, every single time, and never just wiped my pants off until I finished what I was doing. No way, no how! And, now that every one is better I am most definitely caught up on everything and my house looks perfect as always...because you know...I am ALWAYS on top of everything and NEVER waste time writing or reading blog posts!


Seasonsmom said...

Yep, right! That's not your! hehehe! Hope you all are better, much better!

Blessed Mama said...

me neither!! i would never leave anything dirty just lying around the house :)