Tuesday, March 23, 2010


March has been such a busy month...baseball kicking into gear, spring cleaning...still, playing outside in the warm weather, going to Kentucky for a beautiful wedding, and now...three sick kiddos.

Spring has me craving a cleaner home...more simple and less cluttered. I am wanting a more organized routine...which has actually been in the works. I am also striving to get back to the healthy, from scratch, home cooked meals we ate when our family was smaller.

Our family is learning to adjust to life in one home, in one city. We are learning to budget and prioritize. We are trucking away at our second half of the school year and sometimes enjoying it! Actually we usually enjoy our history, geography, and science. Oh, and we always enjoy reading...We are learning to like the necessary evils of math, handwriting, and grammar. :)

Working with the goals we have set, our spring will hopefully become more restful and leave us with quiet moments to enjoy God's handiwork. With time to reflect and take joy in each other.

So, our Spring has come in like a lion. I hope it can go out a bit more like a lamb.

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