Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There are no fountains of green beverages flowing from taps, no parades, or raucous music blaring forth...but we are wearing green and learning about the story behind the hoopla! So, there is plenty of pinching and giggles around here today!!!

St. Patrick's Day is so much more than green, gold, and Leprechauns...

St.Patrick was a Romanized Celt and a missionary that took the word of God to the pagans of Ireland. There are actually letters written by Patrick himself that talk of his work there. The clover was used as a symbol of the Trinity. And like most historical accounts, there are legends and tall tales about Patrick also. One of my favorites is that the early Irish listened to him because he drove all the serpents from Ireland into the ocean...and that the biggest, craftiest of them we now know as the Loch Ness Monster of Inverness Loch in Scotland.

Have a good, clean, green day! And maybe rather than grabbing a bit of the luck of the Irish, you can share the Word with someone! Although I do plan to play my Irish card in getting an extra kiss from my hubby today!

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