Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Real life conversation in our house today...

Bethany- Emma, I wanna play with your misionarywary house..

Emily- Huh? You wanna play missionaries in the house today?

Bethany- Nooooo, your missionarywary house today!

Emily- Yeah, you wanna play missionaries inside after school. Okay!

Bethany- NOOOOOOOOOOO! Missionarywary house Emma!

Emily- Mom, what is she saying?

Me- What do you want to play Beth?

Bethany- Ugh....with the little animals in Emma's missionarywary house!

Me- thinking here ...um...the Veterinarian playmobile house?

Bethany- YES! Can I Emma?

Later Emily came to me and said that if vets were missionaries those would be some really saved animals!


seasonsmom said...

How true! That is deep from a kid! We can be missionaries in our own town, house, family, etc. Just heard you are coming this weekend. So, you skinny yet? I saved your box of cookies cuz we ran out of milk, only! LOL! Letters are waiting too. Stop by and see us!

GapGirl said...

Aw, that is so precious. WHat great kids. And a great mommy!

Nikki said...

Just wanted to say your kids are super cute!