Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a learning curve!

I am learning.

I am learning to 'blog'.

I am learning to 'blog' and link.

Sort of.

There are so many groovy things you can do with you blog. You can make money. You can create a cult following...intentionally or not. You can make friends. Or if you are like me you can flounder around trying figure out how to do the 'cool' stuff your friends...real or Internet...are doing. MckMama over at has Mr.Linky's and a blog community. She recently added a new commenting system, and she does weekly Link things called 'Not Me Mondays'...I am always in blog heaven when reading her quirky updates...She is a granola girl at heart like me and that is both fun to read and comforting that I am not the only one out there...particularly with a un-granola hubby! Unrestrained I would probably have 1,000 different carriers, cloth diaper, and have a soap or organic baby boutique...God knew exactly what I needed to keep my eclectic self in line! I am probably the most unhippy granola girl around...I love classic stuff with a wild flair...like Pottery Barn meets Anthroplogie. If you don't know what those are you can find them easily on google...remember...I am still learning all the 'make it easier for the reader link stuff'!

OK, I got off the point! So back on...I am going to try some new things out...like I added blog frog to my page...or at least I tried. I am not sure how it works, but I am trying.

I am learning to 'blog' and link.

I am learning to blog.

I am learning.

if this learning curve doesn't kill me or drive me insane!

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Holly K said...

Hi! Congrats on making the leap to blogging and giving your thoughts and dreams a voice. I love your BlogFrog community (just joined) and look forward to visiting here often. If you ever have any questions about your BlogFrog widget or community, please let me know and I will help you out anytime.

Holly at TheBlogFrog