Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope that everyone had a great 4th...

We are having a great time here at home in Kentucky...have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE our place?!

Here is the Reader's Digest version...

We left DC a day early, so we made it here Wednesday mom, little sister, and 10-year old cousin, Emilie, were here! And our good friends, the Hingle's, oldest children, who are also our really good friends, came over. Two of these young people are getting married! That is so awesome! We hung out for awhile, then turned in for the night. The next, Ellen made us breakfast and we got to see all the grandparents! Lots of unpacking and visiting which included my friend Natalie over at Seasonsmom and getting to know Amy Scott from Amy's Humble Musings. Then we finished the day out with a yummy dinner at Mike and Elisha's. The next morning off to town for some birthday Bethany tuned 3 on Friday! I took to long and missed seeing my sweet friend Carri from Home of the Petersonclan. Sorry Carri! We had a great supper and then birthday treats for our little princess! Yesterday, it rained but we moved our family picnic indoors and then drove to town and watched fireworks from the van! Today I am packing to return to DC and will be counting the days until we are done there and can come home!

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