Friday, June 26, 2009

Those pearly whites...on pause!

We have been experiencing some tooth related changes around our place lately...Joshua lost both of his front teeth last week. Enter one dashingly handsomely 5-year-old. He is now sporting a cute lisp and is trying to figure out how to whistle!

On the flip side, Jonathan, has added three teeth in the past two days to his two cute bottom chompers. There is another coming through, but it hasn't broke through yet...his big sister, Emily, is so proud of him for teething so well.

Bethany is earnestly trying to find her loose teeth...complete with bedtime tooth wiggling check-ups!

I love all these various stages of cuteness. I wish life had a remote complete with a pause button. I would wear mine out just to stay 'in the moment' a little longer...


seasonsmom said...

Amen, sister! You'd be so rich if you designed and marketed one! I'll be your first customer! My baby has lost her lisp now, even though she is losing teeth like crazy. 3 loose ones right now! How big your younger ones have gotten! Love them for us, please! So excited to see you, even if it's just for a day!

seasonsmom said...

Hey, there! WOW! Am so looking forward to seeing y'all! Even if it's just for a day before we fly out to Cali. We have teeth going out and coming in too! Sum had 3 loose ones yesterday, 2 to go today!LOL! Love those cheeks. Girls are keeping their softball gear near so they can hit a few balls when you guys get here!
Love ya!

Chasity said...

Mine are late late as 9-10 months...I like it though, I always adore the gummy, toothless grin. Jonathan is a Cangelosi!! So cute.