Sunday, June 14, 2009

we are the champions...

Jeremiah would've been singing this if he had any of the exposure to 70's rock that I had...but he has been spared that 'right' of passage.

Today, my favorite baseball player of the year, played his final game of the Spring 2009 season. There were smiles, cheers, and a few tears. And some really groovy trophies with spinney baseballs on them. My little man played his heart out. With a jammed finger and all. He also happened to make the last three outs of the last inning, of the last game of the season!

I love watching Jeremiah play this game that he loves so much! His sportsmanship is great...he just plain loves the game. He has always been happy for the guys on both teams for great plays and at bats. Maybe he'll coach one would be so awesome to watch him spread the baseball love. I can so see him playing pro or teaching little village children in Africa or India how to play and using the game as an object lesson about Jesus.

We are going to celebrate with a little Papa Johns our favorite players request,watch the Lakers, and eagerly await our Fall baseball season!

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