Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring has come. With it...I am feeling a sense of renewal. For myself.

The last season has been tough. I have felt as though I am living life looking through frosted glass. There has been much beauty and much to be thankful for and find joy in, but I haven't been able to truly see it or appreciate it.


The God I serve. The One who loves me enough to deal with all of my ups and downs. My struggles and complaints. He has reached out His loving hand. He has lifted me up from my despair.

There are changes that are going to come that Jesse and I cannot foresee, only feel. But, I know that my God loves me and He alone will guide my family through.

The glass around me is shattered and has been swept away.

Beauty and Joy are my friends. And my guides back to the path God has placed me on and the personality He has gifted me with.

And it is well with my soul...

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