Thursday, December 9, 2010

a new land...

I have been married for over twelve years now...and I am very much still in love with my husband. My love and admiration for him grow daily. As I watch him with our children, as I hold his hand, and as we walk this path together. Day after day.

Last night I had a realization.

We are entering into a strange land.

Our baby is turning two in eleven days...and I am not expecting another little one.

We have never been here before.

We hadn't been married for three months when we learned we were expecting our first child.

When she was fourteen months we were expecting our second. He was born when she was twenty-two months old.

Two weeks before his second birthday we learned that our third would join us before the end of the year.

Then when he was twenty-one months our little fireball was on her way.

And...when she was nineteen months our littlest bundle announced he was on his way.

Our entire life together has been blessed with my pregnancy glow and bouncing babies!

This is a new experience. We will see how long it lasts...I intend to enjoy the five that I have and the new things we can do while I am not ice skating, snowboarding, and roller skating!

But, I am sure I will also spend plenty of time looking at baby clothes, baby names, and pregnant ladies.

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