Sunday, November 28, 2010

out with the old...

And IN with the NEW!

We bought our house last November. It was in great shape, but VERY dated. Like that striped wallpaper you see in the picture and and weird rounded door trim everywhere. Oh...and NO ceiling lights anywhere!

The last week and a half my dear hubby has been redoing a room for our dear old Emily. She is 7 years older than her sister and we felt like she really cold use some space of her own.

Hence the renovations...

It had no door and was once a dining it had some things needing removal and changed up a bit.

Jesse has cut holes in the ceiling to remove old recessed light fixtures, patched those holes, removed and repaired an old water leak spot that had a bit of mold, pulled new wires in, painted the ceiling, installed a ceiling fan, installed new light switches, installed new baseboards, put in a door, and added crown molding. He has been very busy indeed! So many of these things took major modifications too.

This week we are going to be painting, cleaning, and moving in!

I am so excited for Emily and really enjoying the preview to how the rest of the house will turn out!

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rcowlily said...

I'm so happy for Emily!!!!! Nothing like your own room. Even if it might be a closet. heehee I say that because I several people who moved into closets for thier own room. Can't wait to see it finished. and her smile that goes with it. Way to go Jess!!!!! I love you!!!