Sunday, August 8, 2010

It has been so long...

It is August now...these lovely, lazy, long summer days are coming to a close. Where has the time gone. Have I savored the flavor of my family enough lately? Or have I missed some of the little things in my drive to finally catch up on my 'duties'...Summer is not over...and if something has been 'missed' was not missed by my subconscious. This week there is much to do, but I will continue savor the flavor of my family. I will continue playing and try to stress less. I will live in the moment and show my children how to do the same. I will remind them how to just enjoy. I will work with them, rather than around them. I will try to document, but never stifle them.

And if I get around to it...look for some new collages of our summer...July wants to join its friends!

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rcowlily said...

It has been so long. But I'm alway's glad to see them. Please do seek the times with family. They go by way to fast. I love you. OOXX