Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow, Snow, and more SNOW!

We are having way more than the normal amount of snow here in central Ohio...the natives...which I am not, say that they haven't had snow like this since the 70's. Oh, how blessed we are to have moved here this winter of all winters! No, really! I am super enjoying the snow. It is so pretty! And, now that we are not driving on the icy winter roads for hours and hours trying to get home...I am loving it! We have a full fridge, full cabinets, and a bunch of house projects to get to. So, in between school and life...maybe I will get something done and LOTS of fun memories in the snow!
We had a great weekend in Kentucky...we saw loads of great friends, ate way to much everywhere we went, and caught up on some of the goings on around our old haunting ground. My wonderful in-laws put up our rowdy crew and I think they enjoyed it as much as we did! You see, we used to live in one of the rooms of their house, back when we only had two children. My brother-in-law's family with his wife and two boys lived there too. And my sweet in-laws and their youngest son. So that made for 11 in the great big three bedroom, 1000 square foot abode...it was good times! This past weekend brought back so many memories! Thank you guys and we can't wait to come back in March! Oh, there was snow there too!
Here's to winter memories...now to make some more!

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