Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wanna coffee...

...skinny cinnamon dolche latte...hmmm...gotta mail off something...can't quit they make chantix for coffee um...Starbucks junkies?!

That was my facebook status just awhile ago. Do they put crack in Starbucks? Or heroine? It is insane how addictive their coffee is! I enjoy a morning cup at home...but I have never been like...must. have. coffee. or anything...then enter Mr. Starbunkies and I am sunk...hook, line, and sinker! Ugh!

But I love it so much!

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seasonsmom said...

You wouldn't make it here in KY for sure. Is that one of the reasons you moved :)? I love Cinn Dolce. I feel sorry about your addiction and the monetary drain it can bring, LOL! Wish Starbucks was half the price, then I'd join your ranks of hook and sunk twice as fast, but without a job it's really not an option :) Oh, Love your header some kind of silly. Those sweet faces!