Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clean Sweep...

Have you ever watched that show? I love it...the cast is annoying, the people are annoying, their messes are gross...but gosh, I love the motivation it gives me to not get like that!

I am a pack rat. There, it is out in the open. And you know what? I hate being a pack rat. I have been working it out of myself for the past 11 years. My hubby is not a pack rat. So...learning how to get more like him and making myself happier in the process! :)

Today's agenda...

Clean out the girls room and closets.

Oh, and make those routine charts I told ya about...started the routine but, a chart sure helps us all out.

So, with school all finished for the day and lunch going on the table...I am off to clean like a house afire!

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