Monday, July 20, 2009

entering a new baby-venture.

g diapers.

What is a 'g diaper'? I wondered the same thing back when I was pregnant with Jonathan last year. Being the 'greeney' I hope myself to be, I was reading several back issues of Mothering I had picked up. There was an article about these little hybrid diapers. Think sort of a cross between cloth and disposables...sort of the best of both worlds. I thought to myself...why bother. Not that I haven't considered being environmentally thoughtful with my little ones bums and all that jazz, but the thought of actually, other than the normal amount,cleaning up after baby mess sounded a bit cookoo to me. Everytime I considered it, I would talk myself out of it. Then I'd think, what about those plastic bundles of goo...and everything else I send to the dump because I can't burn them. Then on top of that our last few babies have had weird rashes that show up when they start solids and are wearing disposables...but not when they go commando. hmm...maybe I need to study this some more I thought recently.

Enter in our new 'babyventure' with hybridish diapers...

So far, we are only on our second diaper...I will spare you all the details, but I think I am really going to dig these. Besides that, JonJon's bum looks too cute! AND, these appear to run about the same price as disposables sans coupons. Not to shabby...also, these cool inserts are FLUSHABLE, and inserts can be composted...wet ones only...or put in the trash and within 150 more diaper insert. How cool is that!

PS. diaper trivia...

It takes a regular disposable 500 years to decompose. It takes the g diaper insert 30-150 days.


Lisa said...

Hmmmm... I will have to look those up!

- Lisa

Chasity said...

Ooooo, these sound neat, where do I find them??