Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Adventures in Babywearing

I have been a mama now for 9 1/2 years. That is a long time! During those nearly 10 years, I have loved, cuddled, and nurtured my little ones on my hip, on my back, and in a carrier. Many carriers my husband will tell you. I have had slings, pouches, front carriers, backpacks, and structured front carriers. It has been a long and passionate quest to find the most comfortable and wearable pack possible. I have worn these kiddos probably for days of their better at least be tolerable if not pleasant and comfy! I am addicted to my kiddos! Their smiles, cues, laughs, and cries. I love spending stolen moments gazing at those little pieces of Jesse and I, in all their chubby glory! I could just watch them all day long, but since I don't have a housekeeper, and I do have to teach, clean, and cook, I need my hands free to 'DO' while I am gazing. Hence the long search!

With Emily I had nothing better to do while she was awake than hang out with her. When I ran errands, into the Snuggli front pack her chubby bottom went...but golly my back would hurt! When I was pregnant for Miah we bought our beloved Kelty...hefty price tag but such comfort for Daddy and that little girly who feel asleep immediately upon going onto her Daddy's back.

Bring in was I going to take care of Em and nurse this little guys unquenchable thirst? Enter my first ring sling...we were in first. Little man just got too fat and I didn't know how to position him. But we stuck with it. And my eyes spied the Baby Bjorn.

While pregnant for my third child, my ever so cool sister-in-law found a nearly new Bjorn at a garage sale for $3...when Josh joined us we once again wore him. Then before we knew it, 8 weeks or so, he literally was too fat for the front pack! I am not kidding! My old sling had been eaten by mice while being off to the consignment store to buy another...and I grinned and bore it.

Then little Bethie came along...with four I just didn't have enough hands! Serene Allison and the other sisters from the Above Rubies family wrote about their new found friend, the Ergo...and a 'love- affair' was born! I only wish that I got paid for all the advertising I do for Ergo!!! By the way, I had a Peanut Shell pouch for her during the first few months until she could ride comfortably in the Ergo and then she was in there all the time.

Now we have our fifth little one and we are using the Ergo after out growing the Peanut Shell. Jonathan goes everywhere I need him to go without a complaint...he can eat and sleep and all is well. He even went all day to Jamestown in the Ergo with never a cry! And, the best part is my back felt great.

Babywearing has given us a great relationship with our children as babies. They learn about the world from the loving arms of their mama, and handsome daddy! We love it!

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