Monday, May 11, 2009

changing seasons...

Happy Mother's Day all...

a bit late...but then is nice to hear again!

after reading my mother's post at , I thought perhaps I should add my two cents.

I am the clingy mama of five little ones...okay, Em isn't so little, but she is still my baby. I home school them and well, spend every waking minute with them! As a mama, I have known that this season has a 'shelf life' and that one day these kiddos are going to grow up. I look forward to the blessing that this change with bring, but with a certain amount of trepidation. You see, thinking about this makes me study my methods and how I go about carrying out those methods. I lie awake some nights wondering if I am doing good or not...what can I change...all that sort of stuff.

Well, we are entering a new season..

Emily is a huge help now. As is Jeremiah. Joshua fends for himself pretty well being the middle child that he is. So that leaves me with only two little ones needing my constant attention. Wow!

On to the ushering in of this new season...

Two weeks ago, my dad calls me from Rhode Island where he has been working. He says that he'll be stopping by to spend the night Wednesday night. Then mentions he wants us to pray about the 'big' kids heading to South Carolina with him, ahead of us.

Ahead. Of. Us.

Sans Mom and Dad for 2 days.

Um...I say...I'll talk to Jess...

We decide to let the two oldest in on it. Then include #3...After much deliberating on there part...All three 'big' kids go!

I have had the last three children at home and since having Jeremiah 8 years ago, I have never spent a night away from my children. This was so weird. Good weird. But weird just the same. As you will see in Nana's post, the kids had fun. Jesse and I got to know the 2 littlest better. And, all is well.

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