Monday, February 16, 2009

Some thoughts for wives...

Warning! If you want to be encouraged in loving and honoring your husband, please read on. If you don't want to learn something new...this isn't for you.

I have been blessed with a terrific marriage. I am not 'bragging', just stating a fact. I love being married! I am so enraptured by my husband...he is my best friend and truest love. We have only ever loved one another...God has blessed us so much! We have never argued, disagreed several times, but never have had a fight. We enjoy helping one another and pleasing one another. We look for ways to lighten the others load.

I am often asked by people how this can be. How can we be so totally happy and in love? How we can enjoy just having each other as our closest and best friend. It has been often that we have only had each other, but this isn't the only reason. We have viewed our marriage, from the days of our engagement as a joining in spirit, soul, and flesh. We also have aimed to be always honest, true, and respectful in all our doings with each other. We aim to be straight forward. It is our desire to work together in this ministry to bless the Lord, to be an example to our children, and to be an example to those that need to see a Godly way of marriage.

The main area in marriages that I have heard there being problems is in communication. Men think differently than women...but we are all given the ability to understand thru the Holy Spirit. I am only going to address women here as it is not my God-given right to admonish nor to teach men. AND most, if not all of our communication errors can be helped and or fixed if we just open our ears and hearts.

I am going to share an example of how this has worked for in our relationship.

It starts 4 months or so before we were married. Jesse noticed we weren't exactly on the same page. Our families viewed the marriage set up a good bit differently. One day he wrote me a letter to explain his that I would know without a doubt and he would know that I knew without a doubt. He wrote about marriage, Christian living, and the future. I cried after reading this letter. It seemed there was a deep gulf between us I had no idea if we'd be able to find a way to each other. I decided then and there to make my way to him. If God choose him for me than his ways would be my ways. I also trusted God to make him into the man, in flesh and mind, that He wanted him to be. In those next few months I grew tremendously! I learned what GOD said about marriage and my role in that relationship. By trusting God to shape ME, before worrying about Jesse, He molded me in to exactly the right women for Jesse. Some say I have matured...I think we have all changed, my views sure haven't, nor the way I am with my husband nor others. Praise be to God for His goodness!

Another area I see women have trouble is by trying to manipulate their husbands in some way or another. There is a very fine line between suggesting and hinting and manipulating. Rather than revert to the worlds way of doing things why not do our jobs as wives with JOY?!When we are working hard with joy, our husbands notice. Most men will not help a nagging or complaining wife. But a wife that is hardworking and happy, they will usually come join in the work. This doesn't always happen, but you can be guaranteed that he will notice. He will respect you more. You will notice this in the things he says, in the things he does for you and your family, and the pride he takes in showing you off!

This week, try to show your gratitude to your husband for what he does. Go out of your way to please him, and in turn you'll please the Father. Go about your week enjoying your work and your children.

God Bless! Please share with me your success as I will mine.


petersonclan said...

You should link this to Ship Full o' Pirates Help for Growing Families today... it's a great and true post.

Best Life said...

Wonderful! These things are so simple, yet so difficult. Thanks for writing it! Lisa~

rcowlily said...

Thank you, I always learn so much from you two. I love you, Mama