Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Old Kentucky Home...

I am sitting here in the quiet, yes you read that right! I am dreaming that I could be dreaming of my Kentucky home over a cup of coffee like the one in the photo, but it is nearly midnight as I sit here waiting for my love to get home. For those of you who don't know me and haven't seen my house...here you go!


I love our home in the hills of Kentucky...it is nestled down in a valley...more of a holler, with a creek on one side and mountains on the other three. Our dear friend and brother Stephen, whom I wrote of earlier this week, built much of our home with the help of his boys. They labored hard on this home...and we are so grateful for the love and sweat they put into it. The property had actually belonged to Stephen's father. His father had actually 'fore casted' our marriage before there was even a 'we'. That is so cool to me!

Being home 2 weeks ago rekindled a desire in me to be back home. I love it there...It just feels so right to be there. But, I know the Lord has us here currently...and I will rest in that. And pray for guidance. So, my girlfriends and family...if you want us home pray that if it is the Lord's will, and only that!, that He will guide us in our course.

Who knows what the future holds...It sure is exciting though!

PS...and hopefully that future will include some grass and landscaping!

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rcowlily said...

I pray that His will is done. You know I'd love it to be KY.( my favorite of places) Have a wonderful afternoon, I love you OOXX Mama