Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a Friday Funny....several years ago, when we only had three little ones, we were spending the summer in our friends guest house as we worked on our house. The guest house is really more of a cottage than a house, is only 2 feet from the owners home and just across the creek from my wonderful in-laws.

Well my dear little Emily had planned this whole get away idea with Grandma over several days...they were to sneak out and walk over to our friends house, about half a mile away, together, in the middle of the night...well Grandma, Mom, and Dad all thought we were making a 'game' now a Mailbox, Simon-Says....but Emily thought we were serious. So one night as we were going to bed we were talking...the two oldest asleep on the futon...

What was that?...Was that the screen door?...What in the world?

It was Papa with not one, but two little escapees!

Then it all came out...Emily, thinking Grandma was serious, talked her little brother into heading out with her. You know, every 5 year old needs a 3 year old brother to protect her! They were off to go get Grandma for their grand adventure!They got as far as the driveway when Papa who was going home escorted the two little night crawlers home!

They were both pretty shook up, but non the worse from that experience. Now if only that lesson would keep the now 2 year old from always trying to go out and about...but that's a whole different post!


Amber said...

So scary!! It takes faith to think I'll survive this stage.

I love your Friday funny. Thank you for joining in.

Jennifer said...

That's a great story! When my 4yo. was 2yo. she saw the preschool kids walking in front of our house (it was their daily path to the park) - she wanted to play so got out the screen. We've kept it locked ever since - one of those hook locks that goes up by the top of the door! :)

rcowlily said...

Girl You never told me about that! It was good. Keep Beth tied up so she can't try it! hee hee. I love you, mama