Sunday, February 22, 2009

an afternoon on the trails...

Saturday afternoon we bundled up, laced up our boots, and hit on of the near-by trails...Crisp air, crunchy rocks...I love it! And so do the kiddos!

The trail we took bordered the Great Seneca Creek...there was an old mill and lots of boulders. Emily checked out all the flora...even the mold and fungi!

And of course what trip is complete without pictures?

Here are our four oldest posing for the camera...

'Chubba-Bubble' himself...

Mommy and her littlest man!

We hiked around 2 miles and believe it or not Bethany made it the whole way! The last couple of hundred feet she was telling her daddy she was tuckered out, but pushed through and made it to the playground. The playground was was 'green', made almost entirely of old tires. Even the ground was shredded tires! Way cool! And I made it carrying 'Chubba-bubble'...he is now a whoppin' 15lbs! The midwife was amazed!

P.S. I call him 'Chubba-Bubble' because of those adorable cheeks of his and the fact that he loves blowing bubbles. He is just so addictive!

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