Friday, December 12, 2008

Time is flying by way to fast!

I was sitting here this afternoon looking at pictures my mother-in-law sent to replace some we lost in our recent computer crash. One thing struck me very children are growing up so quick! These are pictures of Emily and Jeremiah in California...ages 4 and 2. This is before we had Joshua. Joshua is in the Home Hatched shirt and plaid cap...he is about 7 months can see why we called him 'Joshuage'! Bethany is one day are a few recent pictures of them.

I suppose I am just being nostalgic here at 38 or so weeks...but it is amazing to me! Emily, my first born, growing into such a beautiful young women. The past few weeks I have been on a modified bedrest by the midwife and Emily has been such a little mama to my babies...even the big seven-year-old brother! She loves helping and nurturing. She has built a 'house' in the basement to play with Bethany while I teach the boys school each day. She plays babies with Bethany, cleans up after all of us! She is amazing!
Jeremiah who has always dazzled us with his personality is so cool. He always livens things up around here and keeps us all smiling. He has always been very athletic and our bed rest situation and nasty weather have him rather couped up, but he is handling well...playing Playmobiles and Lincoln Logs with his little brother. He is my muscles when needed...carrying laundry up two stair cases to my room for folding time and carrying all the groceries with his brother to help. I am a blessed mama!
Joshua, our smaller man around here is really growing up too! He is talking really good now...his r's are not really w's anymore and he is starting to read! My little home-hatchedling is getting his big boy wings now! He loves cuddling Bethany and can't wait to see his new brother.
Bethany is growing up a lot too. She has really mellowed out lately, Thank you Jesus! But, she is still our little fireball! I am in awe daily at her intelligence and understanding. God is calling this little girl to big things! I just love cuddling her little self and reading with her and Josh. These are very special times for us.
I wish I had a picture to post of our He is growing strong and healthy. Today we had a prenatal and it looks like he'll join us very soon! We are all so excited! I have been having lots of contractions this past week and he is very low, so we'll see!
From our house to yours, Have a blessed and joyous weekend with you family, Ashley

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