Monday, December 22, 2008

Jonathan has Arrived!!!

Our fifth precious blessing has joined the Cangelosi family!

Jonathan was born December 20th at 11:22 am. He weighed 7 lbs. 2 ozs. and measured 21 inches long. He has lots of black hair and beautiful dark hair...He is just the sweetest little guy! He was caught by his big sister, Emily, with the help of one of our midwives. She was the most amazing little midwife! Jesse was my central support, keeping me focused on the 'race' the Lord gave me to finish. The labor and birth were about 4 1/2 hours and so amazingly calm...Thank you for your prayers and support.
Jonathan is a calm, quiet little peanut, We hope that he will grow into the strong, loyal, godly servant that his name implies. That like Jonathan of the Bible he will be true, honorable, and loyal. And that like Paul, he will be completely sold out to Jesus. Furthering the cause and kingdom of God.

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Jenna said...

Congratulations!!! Aren't the little babes fun? They grow SO little sister is already 16 weeks, but it seems like she was just born yesterday~

I found your blog off of Well Tell Me (I am barngirl).