Friday, September 2, 2011

enter left. september.

September...month of my birth.

Apples, crisp mornings, lazy sunshine, and changing leaves.

Warm cider, fresh baked pies, and afternoon candles burning on the shelves.

Well, apples at the very least and nearly triple digit temperatures...

A growing belly, round and tight.

Baseball and football.

Somethings are right!

Pulling out the boxes, that hide warm things.

Putting away fun and loved summer things.

Fall is coming, Nature is confused. But holding on to this fading summer I will gladly do!


rcowlily said...

Love it & You!!!!

rcowlily said...

Love it & you! Have a wonderful color, fun filled fall.

Seasonsmom said...

Did you write the poem? It's so neat!!! I love the pic of half of your crew. Thanks so much for sharing! I haven't seen Jon since he was a baby. Look at him now. And Bethy, so big!!!