Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy. Sunny. Vacation ...

It has been so quiet here...

I have been on break. From blogging. From school. From planning.

I will be back to my 'real' life soon.

At that time...I will have had a summer break with my children. I will have researched and planned a years worth of school. New schedule and re-vamped the chore packs. Again on the schedule and chore pack...shh...Simplified my house hopefully :) And be tanned and relaxed from vacation time spent in South Carolina. We are at my mom and dad's house in Charleston. We have gone to the beach and had special time shopping and hunting.

Tomorrow we are off to downtown and the historic district. This is one of my favorite places. As a child my parents would take me down there and we would take pictures, drawing pads to sketch the feast laid before us, and play hide and seek with the secrets Charleston has to share. They taught me to 'see' the city. To feel and savor the flavor, the textures, the soul of the city.

I was spoiled in architecture and history.

I am so excited to pass this love onto my children. To spend the day taking pictures, strolling along allies, stepping through gates and time.

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