Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This morning a woke up snuggled between my two little ones. The 'big' kids were up and waiting for breakfast. Birds chirped from the lilac bush beneath my window.

I smiled to myself.

Glad to have my children home with me.

Then, when I walked downstairs, the 'big' kids grumbled that I was late and asked what was for breakfast. My mood sunk...

For a few minutes I wanted to pout and grumble to myself.

Where would that leave me?

Treading 'water' all day at best. 'Drowning' in unhappiness more likely. That's worst.

Nothing wastes a day like going down that path. Nothing ruins the time we could have had like walking around bitter and sullen.

I sent a quick prayer to my Father.

He gave me grace.

And we started anew.

God gave us the tools for a lovely morning.

His grace is making our day happy.

God is good. His grace is new in the morning. He is sufficient. He is love.

And now.

All is well.

He makes me able to face each and everyday. Even days that start out 'off'. He supplies joy. He gives a second chance.

He shows me the wonders of motherhood. He teaches me to grab the moment.

And while I am a slow learner.

He makes on heck of a great tutor!

I am a mother. It does define me. I am not lost behind it. I embrace it.

And by God's grace and loving hand...

I will make the most of each and everyday.

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