Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Every other week I pack up my crew and make the drive over to library to get some new reading material...We all love the library so much! Aren't books great?!

At the mere mention of 'library' my children go into a frenzy...like sharks when feeding! It is really something to behold.

So, Tuesday I got an email from the library letting me know that our glorious books were all pulled and waiting for us. I love entering my wish list of titles on the computer each week and the library having them waiting at the check-out desk for me. It makes me feel special...and...well...sometimes I need that :) I know that they are there because I asked for them, but it feels like the librarians know just what I like and have them there for me to choose.

So, when we get there, the kiddos all know the drill, they all troop downstairs to the children's section. The library here encourages play...there are puppets, puzzles, stuffed animals, and a stage in the picture book area. They also 4 computers loaded with only educational software and heavy duty head phones! And the best part...they are allowed to make noise. With my crew that is such a great thing...Because, let's face it, even when they use their inside voices...5 whispers are equal to...at least 1 very loud child. And, even when they are great...the number alone draws looks...and makes me feel like a fish in a glass fish bowl. And yet, I still take them out...hmmm....They must be great kids!

Granville Library...you are something. You love my children and make them feel happy about books. They love your smell, your feel, and your stairs. You aid me in my adventure as a mother and teacher.You are great! You've got class. You've got Library Style. Thank you!


rcowlily said...

I used to love to take you kids to the library. Timrod was great! I know what you mean by the stares. Just with you three peopke would look...like what do you have them here for. It's a library. why are they here....I hated it. But you would be so good. You would go look then come get Bri and I'd have Tommy. luv you.OOXX

natalie said...

Aw, what a fun library! Our local one is tiny, tiny, but the one about an hour away has a wonderful kids section with a train theme. Very fun! :)

petersonclan said...

Keep rubbing it in...


kentuckymommy said...

How about the tree and tricyles in the Somerset library? I love that library more than any I have ever been to!