Monday, February 22, 2010

being a mom and a teacher...

Teaching my own children is wildly rewarding...hearing the pleasure in their voices as they discover a new treasure in knowledge, listening to them read to themselves, knowing that I taught them.

I love teaching my own children, loving them and guiding them through their school days. Each day is both glorious and challenging. It is so exciting to share in their joys, sobering to be a part of their struggles, and frustrating to help us both when they just want to be lazy or quit.

Determination, hard work, and diligence are our creed. We aim to learn, take joy in God's handiwork, and make The Maker proud. We don't always achieve these goals, but by golly, we try!

Homeschooling issues my children a great opportunity. We are enabled to learn together, to grow together, and to explore interests to nearly no end...It also gives us trials unknown to regular schools. Staying on task is not always easy, but doable. Figuring out a learning problem is also not always easy, but with research and patience, that too is doable. I find the hardest thing in our day is pushing past the times when a child has no desire to do his or her about a patience building experience for mom!

Homeschooling also provides many other character building opportunities for me! Like staying joyful while cleaning up the little ones messes that were made during school time! And believe me, they can make some messes! I am working on this and trying to keep them with us during our school time.

Are you considering homeschooling. Do you home school? While a totally personal issue for each family, I think that homeschooling should be a the least considered by most families. The rewards match the effort!

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andrew said...

Sooo true! I look forward to helping my children learn and grow. I only hope that I can always have the attitude that you have about it, especially on the rough days. I fear that Abree is going to be a challenge to teach. :)