Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are big families easier?

Big families ARE easier :) There are always shoes, toys, books, a listening ear, a game to play, food to cook or cooked for to share! The home of a big family is always active and full of fun!

Seriously though,It IS easier having a big family. Having a playmate at home is great. Always having someone to snuggle is fabulous. And don't forget just how jaw-dropping it is to walk around Target...oh, and the barista at Starbucks wondering how I could stand having a quote unquote...alien in there taking over for nine months...where do these people come from and WHY do they ask me things like that?! But, I digress...Aside from the shocked passersby...yesterday was pretty easy.

Like all things, a large family is not a cake walk. But, we have a great time together! That is unless my first grader has a meltdown because he doesn't remember how to add or subtract. That would be a bugger no matter how many kiddos are upstairs being loud! There is that easier again thing...big kiddos to entertain the little ones while I get some one on one with my middle child.

Head over to MckMama again and check out her post on Big is entertaining and enlightening...just what I needed after the alien takeover comment!


seasonsmom said...

Yep, I miss my family so much! All of them, every one of them! Hubby too! I miss US! Check out part 1 of my taking for granted on my blog. I am in a hurry to get home to spend time with dad. Since he got home from work I ate with him and left to check my mail and skype the kids. Love ya, Me

Anonymous said...

I agree!!!! I agree!!!!!

Amanda said...

I didnt read mckmamas words but I like YOUR take on it! :)