Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning a routine...

I am not a scheduled person.

I need to become a more routine following person.

This week I bought alarm clocks for our four oldest children. Only two clocks, one in each bedroom. This morning, 2 minutes after my alarm went off, the kids were up. Yup! They did it and boy am I dragging!

Starting a new routine isn't new to our family, or to me. After all, each time we are blessed with another baby we start a new, new for our clan. Each new school year we tweak our old school routine. Yada, yada.

Alas, I am feeling the need to get everyone more solid in their routines now. To accomplish not more, just what needs doing, we need a routine/ schedule to keep us on track. (More can follow later, because you know I shoot for sky high goals around here. But I would be pleased as can be with just what needs doing.) Now, I am not talking about those pretty schedules with color-coded blocks off time. We may get to that, but I am not there now that is for sure. What I am aiming for is a flow to our day with built in times for the all of us that are at home all day and times for naps for the two youngest that won't change. Oh, and bedtimes too!

So, I will be creating a chart for the kitchen wall and one for the school room with everyones daily routine. Then, I will also make child specific charts to go in each room.

While I am at it, I am working on getting the two youngest to learn to sleep through the night. In their own beds. No easy feat! I will also be sewing curtains for both kids rooms, organizing both kids rooms, and trying to finally get to the pile of boxes we still have in the garage.

Do any of you use a schedule, or are you routine type people? Share your experience in my blog frog community...

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rcowlily said...

You can do it!!! I know it will help. Remember that old chart I had in Branchville. It was the only way I got thru most days. I'd look and say ok... lets do this. I even had lunch time posted. Don't forget the 30 min. playtime. That is a must. heheheh I know you'll get it all figured out. I love you. OOXX