Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti...and Tree of Hope

This morning Haiti was hit again...some news stations shows claimed that this earth queake was an after shock. Others, another quake, smaller than the first. Either way, Haiti needs our prayers and help. My daughter, Emily, felt lead to start a 'foundation' to collect funds for Haiti. She called it Tree of Hope. I will post her banner tomorrow. Her goal is to make enough donations to make a difference in Haiti. She hopes to be able to help rebuild the homes of Christians and orphanages. What childlike faith indeed! If you feel lead please send funds to the ministry Hearts of Hope that I mentioned in my previous post on Haiti. Then, please send us an email sharing that you donated. She would love if you shared the amount so that she can keep track and write about it on her blog. Our children have comisonied to put forth $75 to the people of Haiti.Will you share too?Her vision is for this 'foundation' to go global! Please, email if you have any ideas or questions. God Bless!

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rcowlily said...

You go Emily!!!OOXX