Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello from Ohio

Good Morning...

For all anyone that is wondering, Ohio is home. We are settling and feeling pretty happy here. The people are pretty friendly and the weather has been lovely. We are back to the grind of work and school and all things 'settled'. This is a strange new feeling for us! I think I love it!

Those of you that had been following my updates on Stellan, please check out his mother's blog this morning. Stellan is doing fantastic! Praise God!!!

I am off for much to do...but I am seeing a light at the end of this 'moving tunnel'. When I find my handy-dandy camera, I will post some eye candy for you...untilthen, God Bless!

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Elisabeth Lindsey said...

Hey Ashley! I'm so glad you all are settling in. You're in Columbus area, right? I was just thinking, we have some REALLY good friends who's daughter has battled cancer since she was ten - they used to travel to Columbus several times a week from Athens, OH. They're a really sweet family and I think you all would love to meet them! It'd be neat if we could connect you all. I sure hope everything's going well - don't miss everyone too much... :-)

Much love to everyone,