Monday, December 7, 2009

beginning to feel a lot like....winter!

Hot Chocolate, cinnamon, hot cereal.

Pine needles, frost, and candy canes.

Thick socks, crock pot stews, and warm blankets.

Ah...the lovely feel of home during the winter. Our house is really starting to feel cozy. Just in time for the holidays and all our coming guests!

This weekend we went on a tree hunt...

Home we came with a 7 foot Frasier Fir. Every time I walk by I can't help but take a deep breath of the comforting smell.

By the way...don't make Hot Chocolate with a mixture of almond milk and regular milk. That makes for some funkiness that even marshmallows won't be able to fix!

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Miji said...


Hope you're all doing swell in your new home and don't getting frozen too quickly! (;

Love you all!