Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stellan on the up and up!

Baby Stellan's surgury was a great success...but he still needs prayer.

The ablation looks successful, as in NO SVT to be seen.

He has tests scheduled for Thursday sometime to double check all the particulars. Dr.A wants to double check his I's and double cross his T's...


He has limited blood flow to one of his legs...a clot from the attempts at doing the ablation from his groin.

Also, Stellan has bacteria growing in his lungs...they haven't figured out what kind so they are treating him with a general antibiotic currently. They are hoping to figure out what they are dealing with and treat is specifically.

I know that the MckFamily is grateful for all of the love and prayers. And while things are on the up and up, Stellan is completely clear yet, so please keep up the prayer!

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