Friday, October 30, 2009

the purpose of prayer....and Stellan....

Today has been an eventful day. We ended our first week of My Father's World...and I am loving it...and so are the kiddos! We closed on the sale of our Kentucky house and are moving forward with the purchase of a new home for our family in Ohio. We had a wonderful evening at the home of our friends the Hingle's. It has been the lovely start to a beautiful Indian Summer weekend, spent with Daddy and our closest friends.
The time we spend with our friends and family is so precious and since losing our dear friend and spiritual father, Stephen Hingle, in January and his son, Joshua, just 6 months earlier, the time spent together is all the more precious even though bittersweet. I thank God for the time we have had with our spiritual family. Over the last 11 years we have grown and learned so much. I have grown in the Lord in so many ways. I am happy and sad at the closing of this chapter of our lives. I am also very excited at the start of this new chapter...the start to the middle of our life story. I have a feeling that we are getting to the 'good stuff' now.
While packing, working on school with my brood, and signing countless papers, we have been praying for Stellan again. He is back in PICU and I ask you to lift him and his family up to Jesus. Jennifer, also known as MckMama wrote this article on prayer today. Please take a look at it. I have been mulling over prayer lately, especially when the prayer request went out for Stellan.
There are so many things I would like to say about prayer, but I feel that her blog post today hit everything I wanted to address. Prayer is about our relationship with God and coming to Him for the purpose of getting to know Him and aligning ourselves with Him and His Will. What a gift it is that we can prayer and talk directly to Him today. Right now.
God Bless tonight...I will be hitting my knees.

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