Monday, April 6, 2009

Creating a biblical foundation for my children.

I have been reading Teaching the Trivium by the Bluedorns lately as well as finishing up The Well Trained Mind...this has my mind just brewing...

I have so many ideas and plans. We will see what comes of them. These ideas and plans have me revising my school list for next year...which is very similar to our usual routine , but with a bit of tweaking. We do our math and handwriting(Singapore and a Reason for Handwriting). We do grammar, writing,and reading time. We study our science and history. We read together. We love literature! We love history! So, much of what we do centers around these two subjects. I then have to plan how to teach these in a way that teaches my children about their Lord.

We have used Sonlight and Mystery of History to plant the seeds of learning that intertwine biblical history and great books. My children thrive on this approach. I have been studying how to continue and hopefully enjoy even more success...

My reading about classical education from a christian approach has been fascinating and very stimulating. Our goal is to raise not just academically sound adults, but spiritually strong individuals! Teaching from a classical Christan perspective means not embracing just any or all classical works and methods, but rather to follow a classical model that teaches thinking and an approach to learn from all situations and experiences. To be bound instead to materials teaching a biblical worldview, that are sound in the Bible and its teachings. By using the classical model to form a solidly and decidedly christian education, I hope to be teaching our children to think through ideas and form opinions, adding lasting value to their education, in those things that are lasting. I hope to enable them to weed through materials, articles, and lectures and leave them stronger and with out a doubt in what they believe, what they know. I hope to teach them to digest and assimilate biblical ideas and doctrine to equip them in the work they will do. I hope to form them into strong Christan individuals,knowing what they believe and why they believe it; that they will know exactly where they stand and WHY! I desire that our children not puppet what we have done or been taught, but to be their own person in Christ. That they will glorify and serve God in all that they do.

My children are just that, children. They are mere babes really. I eagerly look forward to their growth and the relationship we will one day share. I look forward to seeing what they will do for the kingdom of God. I am eternally grateful for the part I play in the creation and development of my children. Home schooling is the way I can do this. I am so glad to have this vision and ability to be home with my children. It is the teaching, spiritually and academically, that I give them now that will pave their path to their future.

Home schooling isn't just something for me to survive each is a tool for me to learn about my children, shape them, and equip them for the service of the Lord.

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