Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday and Opening Day!

Our Jeremiah turned 8 this past Saturday!!! It was also opening day of his baseball season! He is on cloud nine...maybe 29...happy anyways! He is so happy! Jeremiah went 4-4 in his opening game, made the game ending out, and hit some beautiful doubles with his birthday present bat! We had a lovely evening after the game with the Cangelosi grandparents and our friends, the Meyer's, who are here working for a few weeks. I made Jeremiah this awesome chocolate dinosaur cake...

And his big sister made a cake and some cupcakes too!

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seasonsmom said...

So sorry I didn't call to wish him HB! It's my mom's Bday too as you know and I forgot to call dad as well! Oh well, happy Bday M! You are a big boy now! Love ya, Aunt N