Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring? Spring!

Ahhhh....fresh, crisp, sunshiny air!!! Spring is making herself known! As I sit here in my sun room I can see a family of robins nesting in the cedar tree in the front yard, a blue jay flitting here and there, and sparrows prancing in the yard. We have a family of doves roosting in the old wood pile in the back yard and a family of rabbits in a hole in the front yard under the fence. Green is bursting in pockets of vivid color all around. Life is beginning anew! Nature is shaking its sleepy head after its long winter's nap. I feel renewed this morning, rejuvenated! Welcome spring!

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rcowlily said...

I love it when we are sitting here thinking the same things. I love you have a glorious day! OOXX Mama