Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mommy's Me Time?....

Me Time....should we have it? Do we need it? Yes and no....

Let me back up here a little. I recently had my fifth little one and our oldest is 9 now. I get a tremendous amount of help from my oldest two now. This is so awesome! So, is everything easy and! Baby Jonathan is such a precious little sweetie, but sheer volume adds complexity to my days. I have wonderful vision right now of how things are going to be, but when there has been mass destruction by a certain two-year old princess, Jonathan is begging for his 'milkies', Joshua is melting down over the disproportionate size of his lowercase e's, Jeremiah can't remember how or why you need to borrow when subtracting, and Emily is fretting over writing her final copy all in cursive....well you get the picture! At those moments I can really lose sight of the end! But, if I instead turn my eyes upward to Jesus...I can get through those moments. Hopefully I didn't yell at anyone first though! On days days where chaos seems to rule I can really use some quiet alone time to gather my thoughts, pray, and turn my focus back heavenward. Is this 'Me-time'? Yes and No!

Let me try to explain the sort of 'Me-time'that I believe to be godly and necessary as opposed to the world's version.

The world tells us we need to take several hours a week to pamper and indulge ourselves, 'so that we have something left to give...' The world tells us that what we are doing is just too much for one person. The world tells us that what we are doing will drain us too goes on and on. All of this is selfishness, indulgent and ungodly.

The Christ- centered Mommy-time that I aim to have is time spent focusing myself back homeward; always using this time to look heavenward and toward my children and husband. This sort of 'Me-time', I call 'Mommy-time.' "Mommy-time' isn't focusing on what you don't get to door are sacrificing, but rather how you can help others, your family. Let's face it...We are sacrificing ourselves and time.

Does that me we can't leave the kiddos ever or have a Mommy night out, or go get a pedicure....absolutely not. We just can't carry a chip on our shoulder when we are home with our children, our blessings! When we are home...if you need something special make a yummy cup of herbal tea, cocoa, or coffee with flavored syrup and whipped cream! Have a nail painting party with your girlie's or a cookie eating contest with those bottomless pits of boys you've got!

I wear a widow's mite on a chain to remind of the sacrifice I make and that it is so worth it!

This season is really so short. One day there won't be any babies to cuddle...OK, hopefully loads of grand babies, but none in the early morning hours. There won't be little crayon marks around the house, you probably don't have those but I do!, and there won't be a little one interrupting you reading to have you read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the millionth time. Hopefully though when this season is past you will have a bucket full of wonderful memories to draw and smile upon.

Go enjoy your little ones...I am off to cuddle!

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