Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to the grind :)

All of our company has left and after three fun-filled weeks of a new baby,visits from Nana, Papa, Aunt Bri, Uncle Tom, Grandma, PawPaw, Micheal, Elisha, Seth, and Sarah Meyer we are ready to try and see what normal daily life will be like with Jonathan added to our ranks! So, yesterday we started back to school and our daily routine. Things went pretty well...school got done, house de-cluttered, dishes done, everyone out of PJs, and all of our teeth brushed! I am focusing on staying close to Jesus in pray to help stay patient and calm...I want 5 children to be a JOY! Thank you Lord for refining me! This isn't always easy to take and my eyes are wide open,but Praise the Lord!, He is always faithful!
I just read a great post at Preschoolers and Peace...are you weary or struggling? Please go read Kendra's article and be prepared to be renewed.
God Bless you all and later I will write and let you know how we survived Home school PE day at the fitness center!

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